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UC Davis Solar Energy Seminar: Friday, April 2, 4:10-5:00 pm, Room 179, Chemistry

Single Crystal Energy Conversion Devices on Flexible and Non-crystalline Surfaces : Glass, Plastics, Metals or Textile Authors: Logeeswaran VJ, Matthew Ombaba and M. Saif Islam, Electrical and Computer Engineering
This talk will present our research on fabricating energy conversion devices on single crystal surfaces and then transferring them to different target surfaces using an innovative fracture-transfer-printing process. The original substrates are repeatedly used for continual production of new devices and are never consumed. We are also developing advanced flexible electrodes and studying the interfaces between semiconductor devices and flexible electrode materials such as metallization pastes, transparent conducting oxide, conducting polymer (CP), and metal nano-particle and graphene enforced CP. This technology will offer the ability to integrate any kind of single crystal semiconductor materials and devices on any arbitrary surface.